South Broward Staff Upset Seniors in Annual Senior vs. Staff Games


Cameron Thorne steps up to guard against Coach Kadeem Lewis, the Boys Basketball coach to try and defend the seniors basket.

Ethan Lacouty, Editor

It was brains over brawn at annual SBHS Staff versus Seniors basketball game – but just barely. Despite the two decade age difference between the teams, the Gen Xers left the gym victorious 18-17 over the Gen Zers. The game was a highlight of a pep rally held in celebration of the Bulldogs’ success in the spring sports season.

While hundreds of students squished into the bleachers, the band, cheerleaders, and dance team performed at half court and were met with cheers from the crowd. The entire gym was buzzing in anticipation as both teams took the court to stretch. During the warmup, the seniors were showing off their athleticism with rim shaking slam dunks and flashy passes as the staff were missing layups and short jump shots.

“The students went wild when Cameron first dunked in warmups,” said senior Rafael Angarita. “It looked like the staff stood no chance.”

But that belied what happened next. Once the teams took the court to signal the start of the game, the staff immediately took control of the game behind the efforts of Bulldogs Basketball Head Coach Kadeem Lewis who was able to knock down five points in the first half.

The staff outhustled and outrebounded the seniors in the first few minutes jumping out to an early 8-2 lead. Apart from a lone jump shot in the first few possessions by senior Brian Bros, the seniors’ offense could not get into rhythm, missing basket after basket.

“As a team our shots just weren’t falling,” said Bros. “I haven’t touched a basketball since the season ended so I was a bit rusty myself.”

At halftime, the score stood 10-4 in favor of the staff. During the extended break, the seniors huddled up and had a lengthy discussion about implementing better strategies on defense. The staff looked fatigued and sat on the bench to rehydrate and catch their breath.

As the game resumed for the second half, the tables turned. The seniors had more endurance than the staff and began sinking their shots behind the efforts of seniors Cameron Thorne, Kamrya Butler, and Wade Edema.

Despite the fact that the seniors rapidly made up for the deficit they had dug for themselves in the first half, they ultimately came up short due to a couple dramatic missed game winning shot attempts. Despite the gut-wrenching loss, many seniors enjoyed the commodore of representing their class and playing in front of the entire school.

“The atmosphere was amazing, and the game was fast-paced and exciting,” said senior Kristopher Arroyo. “It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience that I wish I could do again.”