Black Student Union puts on activities for Black History Month Spirit Week


Christien Horne, Editor

During all of February, is black history month and to celebrate it, SHBS ‘s Black Student Union (BSU) is planning a week full of activities to honor Black culture and its history. 

“We have so many activities planned, and we can’t wait to see the whole school participate,” said the president of BSU, 17-year-old senior Willow Beltran.

Monday, February 13th, the week kicks off with a Hair-itage Day, where students come wearing their favorite black hairstyle such as braids, afros, and dreadlocks, to show their cultural hairstyles from their home countries and to show off their designing skills. 

“I can’t wait to show my favorite cultural hair style the high top” said 15-year-old sophomore Lucas Thompson, a prospective member of BSU.

On Tuesday, students are encouraged to come dressed up wearing red, green, and black. These colors and cultural clothing were heavily influenced by Black culture.  “I can’t wait to see all the flashy cultural colors, that would be an awesome site to see,” said Joseph Brown, a member of BSU.

The midpoint of the week will celebrate and black education and strongly encourages for students to where their favorite HBCU merch or students can dress up as their favorite prominent Black figures, like the famous rapper Snoop Dog, or superstar basketball player Lebron James. During Thursday and Friday, there will be a Poem and Speech Contest, where students are invited to Audition and perform in the school auditorium their favorite piece or quote of their choice for Black History Month. 

On Thursday, after the event held in the school auditorium, students have the opportunity to dress up their favorite black superhero, showing off cool black superhero costume.

“It will be nice to show off my favorite black superhero costume, Black Lightning,” said 15- year-old sophmore Brendan Smith. 

The week will culminate off with a Blackout Day on Friday, where students will come dressed in all black to send off Black Spirit Week. Everyone, no matter what background, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, everyone can show their love and support for the Black community, said president of BSU, 17-year-old senior Willow Beltran.