South Broward High School Art Student Earns Honorable Mention At Congressional Arts Competition



10th grader Kamilla Alasgrova at the 2023 Congressional Arts Competition. She stands infront of her work next to Congresswoman debbie Wasserman Schultz. She has just won the honorable mention for 10th grade.

Angelina Popov-Easton, Editor

Three art students from South Broward High School participated in the 2023 Congressional Arts Competition hosted by Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz this past weekend. Despite not being chosen as winners, the students remained proud of their submissions.

“I was really happy with the artwork we entered to the contest, even though other schools had more resources to work with,” said South Broward art teacher Nathan Elderedbanks.

Kamilla Alasgarova, Emma Ortiz, and Misty Mogene all had one of their art pieces submitted into the contest to be judged. The winner of this contest would have their piece displayed in the U.S. Capitol for one year alongside other winners nation-wide.

One contender, 10th grader Kamilla Alasgrova, created a piece inspired by Greek statues that conveyed the idea of “innocent vs. guilty.”

“I love to listen to crime podcasts, and I’ve always loved Greek architecture and sculptures. I just wanted to make something to reflect that,” said Alasgrova.

Alasgrova walked away from the competition with an honorable mention for the 10th grade, and she expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the event.

“I was amazed when I got to the competition, all the art I saw was so amazing and it really inspired me,” said Alasgrova.