SBHS Junior Georgina Paez Shares Her Story on Gun Violence

Georgina Paez, 16, a junior at SBHS, understands the devastating impact of gun violence all too well. 

Her uncle was on a road in Miami about to get into I-95 with his fiance and her 12-year-old daughter and both of his parents, when a man tried to speed in front of them. The man went ahead of them once again and pushed down on the breaks on them. He pulled over and her uncle followed.

When her uncle exited the vehicle and approached the man, he pulled out a gun and pointed it at his head, threatening to kill him and his family.

Paez’s uncle froze and didn’t know what to do at the moment. Meanwhile, his fiance, who was in shock in the car with the rest of the family, called the police, but it was too late as the man had left and they weren’t able to take a picture of the plate number.  They filed a police statement and haven’t got any information since the incident 

“I was very upset. I don’t know how people can go out of their way and point at someone else with a gun,” said Paez.

Recently, Florida’s legislature has eliminated the requirement that an individual obtain a permit to carry a concealed firearm. As well, they are lowering the age to purchase a gun  to 18. Paez feels this is outrageous.

“This is not only affecting people, this is affecting us, it is affecting our generation, but 18-year-olds are also just as crazy,” she said.

She also feels that students need to speak out about gun violence and raise awareness.

“There needs, to be more walkouts and more school-supported protests,” said Paez.

Although she didn’t participate in a recent walkout against gun violence, she supported those who did.

“I absolutely would’ve loved to participate in the walkout that recently happened, but I wasn’t able to because I was afraid to get a referral,” said the junior.

Paez also believes lockdown drills are not as helpful and effective because it’s training the potential shooter.

“People who are usually shooting up schools know these code red drills and they know exactly where they need to go,” said Paez.

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