Where Do We Students Stand?

Renata Hernandez, Photographer

Here at South Broward High School, our students took their voices to the next level. On February 21, 2018, students walked from class to the football field to show respect to all the 17 innocent lives that were lost.

As we were all heading back to class a few students decided to head to the center of the football field and started chanting, “No more silence, end gun violence!” A whole bunch of students started running towards them to join. Now it was a really big group, all cuddled up chanting.

Even though this walkout got out of hand, the important  is that we all want our voices to be heard. The only thing people do is say “thoughts and prayers”. Is that going to change the school system? We need change, and it has to be now.

It hurts us to see that the authorities aren’t doing anything about this situation. Do they rather get millions from the NRA instead of protecting their kids? Their students? The next generation? That’s what it looks like.

Going to an airport and bringing a water bottle is a crime, but in schools it’s definitely okay to take weapons inside. Us students don’t ask for much. We students just want to feel safe in our classrooms, our second home.