Darling Duque

Catherina Meza, Fabiana Linares, Eyla Vega, Brtiney Nunez. Group of senior girls at our Pep Rally.

Humans of Community

Community is defined as a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common or a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Read the stories below about the Humans of our SBHS Community.

Mauricio Tobares
Kevyn Montealegre
Kameron Allen
Lucas Villamarin, Freshman
Kwenie Laguerre
Marc Destin
Camila Carbajal
Substitute Teacher Mr. Michael
Angel Ossa Mendieta
Isabella Shamoun
Kwenie Laguerre
Mimi Alvarez
Kwenie Laguerre
Miriam Baldwin
SBHS Junior Cora Chin
Deanna Babenko
Isabel Senske, Neighbor
Adams Ordena, Bus Rider
Nick Millo
Vladimir Aponto, Boat Upholsterer
Hezekiel Villegas
Aiyanna Aulov, SBHS Student
Roberto Orozco, SBHS Senior
Joshua Torres, SBHS Senior
Iyana Sarumi
Seyling Montalvan, SBHS Student
Linda Vanbenshoten
Matthew Chapman
Mauryce Holmes
Akniyet- Student
Iyana Sarumi
Daniela Garcia
Nayeli Hidalgo
Luis Rodriguez 17, Regular HS Cheater
Beyanca Moultrie
Faith Augustin
Christian Rodriguez, Soccer Player
Michael Marbel
Diego Ayala-Cruz
Hanan Hindoyan
Abner Reyes
Chailyn Fagundes
Isaiah Stevenson- Smith, SBHS Student
Mia Gonzalez (Friend Of A Friend)
Lucila Pietrangelo, Friend of a friend
Nurshinta Berry
Sarah Rahaman, Student
Sofia Rodriguez
Ludie Rimpel
The “Lucki” One
Russ Tyler, Paralegal and Neighbor
Monica Ridlehoover, Media Specialist
Kristen Taylor, Fitness Coordinator
Alan Weber, Hollywood Potter
Carlos Ludeña, “Tio”
Lesli Michaud, Struggling Mother of Three
Francisco Vargas, Hollywood Neighbor
Camila Fernandez, Hollywood Neighbor
Nicole Cooney, SBHS Student
Erika Bueter, Community Outreach Officer
Lisset Vital-Hilario, Student at Broward College
Vanessa Lahoud, Hollywood Neighbor
Marcela Rojas, Realtor
Sharon Koehn
Keeley Malloy, SBHS Student
Jonathan Brown, WWII Vetern
Peter J. Maerz
Lou Dugua, Young French Champagne Entrepreneur
Emily Adair
Marcos Valdez
Neaveah Benitez, Freshman SBHS
Joann Smith, Veterinarian
Zamarion Charistil, Lauderhill Neighbor
Ana Vergel, International Financial Advisor
Jeremiah Hickman, Miramar Sophomore
Leah Sotil, Horseback Riding Trainer
Emmyli Johnson
Adrian Jackson, Neighbor
Carlos Casotto, Neighbor
Amanda Gadea, Neighbor
Zachariah Perez Jr., Brother
Neumara Machado, Sous Chef
Pia Gomez , Digital Marketer
Daniel Cuvet
Kiril Enev, Chaminade-Madonna Freshman
Emme Troyano
Lorezno Medina
Shelly Estrada
Ms. Caranita Rhone
Kai Moniz
France Simion
Leamy Acosta
Ms. Brackin
Marie Harris
Josh Halprin
Jason Avila
Grayson Stoudt
Joseph Companion
Aracely Aguilar
Samantha Hart

Kayla Tamkins

Daniela Henao, Contributer

Kayla Tamkins is a sophomore at South Broward Highschool. Tamkins would describe herself as a considerate person. Money motivates her, her dream is to be successful. Tamkins is passionate about the music she listens to which is indie rock, and is currently starting to listen to more classic rock. She loves organizing stuff. She has two younger siblings, a brother and a sister. Her favorite quote...

Mia Leto
Ms. Hernadez
Jasmine Sanchez
Jaida Almonte

Zenia Pagan

Sophia Reyes, Contributor

Zenia Pagan works in the main office and has been working at South Broward High School for three years. Her previous job was just being a band mom for one of her children, Hector. Now, Hector goes here at South Broward. She normally starts her day by checking her system in the office. For example, she checks attendance, doctors notes, late passes, etc. She's always been very independent and by working...

Brieana Jones, Artist

Ally Chesal

Fiona Gleeson, Contributor

Ally Chesal is a freshman at South Broward High School who is making a difference in our community by raising awareness about jokes and hurtful comments aimed at children with disabilities. “No one deserves to feel left out or abnormal, because of a disability, were more alike than different and should receive the same treatment,” she said.  Chesal feels that these hurtful comments an...

Jackson Wampler
Eduardo Campbell
Alex Lopez
Eric Charles
Michelle Medina, Director of First Impressions/Wellness Coach
Isabel Pardo, Neighbor
Aydee Panayi, Retired Telemarketer
Pedro Serrano
Gabriella Abaiev
Lloyd McFarlane, Spanish Teacher
Brenda Garcia – Today Is My Day Soaps
Brandon Diaz
Soledad Rodriguez

Jessica Peter

Umma Chowdhury , Contributor

"We really tried to avoid it. We tried. He was my boss. We worked at an important law firm with very serious people. Things like this were forbidden. But it was a high pressure environment and we worked long hours together. There were a lot of conversations. A lot of meals. And eventually we became very good friends. One weekend he came with me to visit my home town Port St. Lucie. My entire famil...

Elizabeth Bonet

Mrs. King

Carlos Flores, Contributer

The reason Mrs. King teache  is because she wants all children to be loved and educated because they'e the tools that will help change the world. What she absolutely loves about teaching is that she learns from the kids and they always have fresh ideas that depends on her knowledge. Mrs.King's greatest accomplishment is finishing a book with her students and finding out that they learned from the...

The love for Solo Ensemble with Valentina Paldino
Kekoa Blaze Williams (son of legend Ricky Williams)
Eskarleth Mejia
Edwin Garcia
Barbara Gindi, Property Manager
Robin Lapierre, School Security Guard
Mark Kramer, Record Producer
Anandala Thompson
Megan Cameron, Publix Cashier
Johanna Cano, Shipping Company Employee
Coach Noel
Karen Gaither
Terry-Ann Gray
David Porras
Liddy Godoy
Harmony Holley
Patricia Parron
Angelina Jones
Dawn Schonwetter, Tutor at American Heritage
Leslie Green
Laura Santos, Custodian
Yuli Hernandez, Her Children Are Her Engine
The Dreams of Sha’Neace Wilson
Khiaree Walker
Alexandra Gonzalez
Andrea Torres, Volleyball Star
Olga Helgish
Marta Garcia
Jonathan Cerrega, Owner Eatitude
Sergio Andres, Colombian DJ
Ian Sousa
Baley Garcia
Natalia Aguirre
Eliana Kessler
Shaun Puzon: Technical Assistant
Rachelle Lilly
Louis Arslanian
Jennifer Ameigh, Store Manager At CVS Pharmacy
Angelica Garrido, Aquatics Director Hollywood YMCA
Emma Rogers
Mya Edwards
Aiyanna Alouv
Darin Koch
Arin Cohen
Ms. Beneby

Creston Thomas

Ian Torres, Contributer

Creston Thomas is energetic and respectful person. Though he loves playing sports and in his free time, he mostly plays video games. His happiest times is when he is spending time with his family and friends. He plans on studying business at Florida International University. He also dreams to visit Hawaii. He was born in Jamaica with his family as well. He also has a big fear of snakes!

Jocelyn Dacal
Natasha Marie
Tatiana Levy
Elijah Reyes
Audrey Fernandez
Karla Reyes
Bodhi Uden
Sharitza Brisson
Miguel Velasquez
Ariana Miranda
Zion Puckett
Ms. Awofadeju
Zarah Serna
Jeremiah Thomas
Keiyla Mite
Travis Sutton
Sabrina Mills
Patricia Houslin
Kai Escobar
Joanna Ruiz
David Gonzalez
Patton Horton
Maria Marin
Almendra Gutierrez
Andrea Bonilla
Rafael Angarita
Ms. Gadson
Micaela Bordan
Micaela Lopez
Lavi Maldonado
Nayeli Jorge
Stephanie Ojito
Andrea Velazques
Giovani Ortero
Brigitte Gutierrez
Bryson Farrington
Mary Weche
Kylie Berenguer
Maraisa Carrion
Gabriel Moran
Lochlain Skove
AJ Sanders
Desttiny Knight
Tiffany Clavijo
Sharlene Ferguson
Abigail Patterson
Melissa Alvarez
Roberto Alicea

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