Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence has recently hit the coast of North Carolina leaving 5 dead.

Renata Hernandez, Editor

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This morning Hurricane Florence slammed into the coast of North Carolina, pounding the cape with 90 mph winds. With a diameter of 400 miles, the storm is roughly the size of Toronto.

The eye landed over Wrightsville Beach, east of Wilmington, tearing buildings in sections and sending debris flying through the air.

The hurricane deposited 16 inches of rainfall. The hurricane left 5 dead.

The Carolinas began to get rain and flooding on Thursday September 13, 2018.

During a press meeting on Wednesday, North Carolina’s governor, Roy Cooper, announced that this hurricane will be a marathon and not a sprint.

Although the governor demanded complete evacuation of the state, an estimate of a thousand people stayed. And to be fully prepared for this hurricane that can last for days. Evacuation was also needed for Virginia and Maryland.

The tropical storm became a hurricane Sunday with sustained winds of at least 74 mph. On Monday, Florence picked up speed over the Atlantic’s warm water and went from category 3 to 4, and at it’s height reach 134 miles per hour.

Florence has now been categorized as a tropical storm. The storm will linger and intimidate North and South Carolina, bringing powerful winds and severe freshwater flooding.

The storm is currently at a standstill with winds that dropped to 70 mph  and is now moving at 3 mph to the west.