Tag: One of the Best Movies of 2018.


The poster for the movie Tag.

Alexis Irvin , Writer

Tag is a comedy movie that came out in 2018 about five friends who, every year for one month, play a highly

competitive game of tag, risking their own safety to tag one another. The friends are adults, never letting their

childhood game get lost in memory. In the movie, one of their friends has never been tagged before, and the entire

plot revolves around their attempts to tag him while his wedding is taking place. The untagged player, named

Jerry, is a complete master at this game, constantly dodging their attempts to tag him and even taunting his friends,

knowing he can never be tagged.


Overall, I liked and really enjoyed the movie, and especially the ‘action’ scenes where the friends attempt to tag Jerry,

usually failing to do so with comedy splashed in on occasion. The comedy is for more of a mature and adult audience,

said comedy having sexual themes, cursing, and some risqué topics not suited for younger audiences. Tag

immediately caught my attention with the beginning, taking place at an interview in a large office building with one

friend, named Hoagie, trying to get a job as a janitor at said office building to get closer to his friend in order

to tag him. The beginning catches your attention by immediately showing the lengths each friend will go to in order to

tag the others in their group.


With the comedy, characters (played excellently by each actor), and the genius script writing, it’s no wonder that this

movie is strung together so well, and makes for a great movie to watch with a group of close friends. Overall, I rate it

a 9/10, because although I did enjoy it greatly, it isn’t the most perfect movie I have ever seen.