Rashaan Davis

“My name is Rashaan Josiah Davis and I am of Jamaican/American descent. I strive for straight A’s although a lot of the time I do get lazy and end up settling for mostly A’s and B’s. I’m a huge gamer, like that’s what I spend most of my time doing. I stream to twitch and record portions of that livestream and post on YouTube. That’s what I plan on doing after getting my education out of the way. The official term of what I do is content creating. I do what I do because I want to brighten people’s day. When someone comes and hangs out in my stream or watches my videos, I want it to be impact-ful. Whether it be motivation or just a safe place to stay, I want to be an outlet of positivity to those around me, while doing what I’m most passionate about, of course. When I’m not gaming, I’m most likely hanging out with my friends, other than family, these are the people I love most in the world. They get me through my tough days, they make me laugh while giving me advice about a particularly rough situation, and when I’m with them I feel like I can take on the world, there’s no other feeling like it. Without meeting the first of them way back when in the 7th grade, I genuinely don’t believe I would be the person I am today. My latest endeavors consist of changing the way I look physically, and making sure what people say about me does not affect me. I’m going for a new lifestyle, breaking up my schedule to allow for time to go to the gym daily, not necessarily to lose weight, but to look a little more like my absolute role model, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Not only does he look like a Roman god, he is such a genuine person, and his story is definitely one worth telling. Previously, whenever someone said something negative about me, it rocked my whole day, it affected me too much and made most weeks unbearable. As of now, any time anything like that happens, I’ brushing it off, and moving on, because my life will not be determined by the sum of what others think about me. The last, but certainly not least aspect of my life, is my mother. There is no other person on this planet that I love, respect, or look up to more than her. She is my best friend, the person in my corner, and my shoulder to cry on. There are no words to describe what I feel towards her, so if you were wondering who it was that I admired the most, it’d be the person who brought me into this world and will continue to hold my hand until I assure her I’m ready to take life on. This, is who I am.”

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