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Ellie Branson
Ellie Branson is a Senior at South Broward High. Her main focus in journalism is to write stories to inform the public about important things that affect them. Branson is very passionate about politics and the environment. Her greatest strength academically is math; she loves that for each problem the answer is either right or wrong. When she's not in school she volunteers by either canvassing in Broward and speaking with voters about what's important to them, or volunteering with Key Club, where she serves as Treasurer.

She says her biggest fear at the moment is college decisions. "You'll never know if you had one more A in a class or ten points higher on your SAT if that would've changed the school's decision on your admission."

Branson signed up for journalism because she wanted to be more involved in her school community by joining the Bulldog Bark. Branson is interested in reading the New York Times, PBS, Vox, Vice, and CNN.

"I love Volleyball! I used to play for the school. I miss it so much, but I still have fun playing beach with my friends on the weekends.", Branson says.

She says if she could switch places with anyone for a day she would switch places with Donald Trump and write over a 100 executive orders to create stronger environmental policies and Gun Safety policies and pass other much-needed legislation in the United States.

Ellie Branson, Editor

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