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Keyri Andrea Bermudez
Keyri Andrea Bermudez is a 15-year-old sophomore currently attending South Broward High School. She is interested in writing and photography. Bermudez enjoys talking and interacting with different people. Her favorite part of journalism is taking photos and interviewing people, allowing her to be herself. She hopes to improve her writing and have fun in her second year of journalism.

When she isn’t in school, she's hanging out with friends and family, or editing videos with her sister. Bermudez sometimes enjoys practicing volleyball.

"I hope that in the future, I can be a better person than I am now," said Bermudez.

One of her biggest fears is being used by the people she trusts and opens up to the most.

"My goals for this school year is to step out of my comfort zone, open myself up to more things, and become a better writer. I hope to achieve this by joining different clubs since I am only a part of the Journalism Club," said Bermudez.

In 10 years, she plans to be a lawyer. She hopes to graduate from USC or Columbia. She wants a successful life and healthy strong relationships with her family and friends.

A quote that inspires her every day is: "Pain is the breaking of the shell."

"Pain is what encloses your understanding. It opens your eyes to see the reality behind all the fantasy you had in your head, and see things that you didn't see before," said Bermudez.

Keyri Andrea Bermudez, Editor

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Keyri Andrea Bermudez