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The Path Not Taken

Other Career Options For High School Grads

Elementary, middle school, high school and then off to college. Its becomes the expected path for every american student. It’s the path to prosperity, “to the good life.” It’s also a path to debt and the daily grind. But, it’s not the path I’m taking. And here’s why:

According to the College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees for the 2016–2017 school year was $33,480 at private colleges. Not everyone has that kind of money. This causes students and sometimes parents to take out loans and borrow money from banks, which has them making payments for years. According to  71% of all college graduates carry student loans with an average debt level of $29,400 per person. And the average annual salary for recent college graduates is $45,202. The monthly payment of $450 is 25% of their monthly income.

There are other options. Power plant operators, real-estate brokers, and mail superintendents are all jobs that don’t require more than a high school diploma and make above $58,000 a year. Although 65% of high school seniors went to college last year, only 29% of them seeking an associate’s degree actually finished, according to New York Times.

I plan to be a flight attendant. No college required. They can make up to $50 an hour, with an average annual salary of $44,860.  About 36% of job openings in United States don’t require more than a high school diploma. So there are other high-paying options for people who don’t go to college, money or choice.

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