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Welcome to The Bulldog Bark, South Broward High School’s online newspaper. All content in the newspaper is created, edited and managed by SBHS students. We are in the infant stages of learning the ins and outs of journalistic writing, photography, editing and design, so mistakes are to be expected. And, we are going to learn from those mistakes. As our skills improve, we will only get better. 

In 2016, after many years of not having a school newspaper, we printed the first edition of The Bulldog Bark. This year’s newspaper is very different from last year’s. This time, The Bulldog Bark is finally online. Students from other school’s can now read The Bulldog Bark at any place or any time.

This is a huge milestone for The Bulldogs. The school has been up and running since 1918, yet finally, we have a new development for the newspaper. The students here work very hard to write these stories.

We have our interviewers, our editors, and photographers. Our online paper has a comment section so if you have anything to tell us or any suggestions, we would love to hear it!

Thank you for reading and supporting South Broward’s newspaper, The Bulldog Bark. We hope you enjoy it. 

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