Carley Mincher

Like most 13-year-olds, Carley Mincher is a Tik Tok addict. When the pandemic arrived and masks were a must-have, she turned to her addiction for an answer.

”I looked up a bunch of mask videos and tried to make one,” she said, “but it was a complete fail.”

Mincher doesn’t mind wearing a mask, in fact, she loves it. Her favorite mask is a blue sky one that her friends gave her.

Something that has been very hard for her is wearing a mask and speaking at the same time. To her people sound very muffled and it’s very hard to understand them.

“Communication is key, and wearing a mask is making it difficult for actual people to be able to express their emotions,” said Mincher.

Because of her shyness, she finds social distancing very hard,

”I think telling people to back off is very disrespectful so I keep it to myself,” she said.

But she keeps social through technology and her love for skype has increased since quarantine.

”I’m now able to call my friends and see them through a click of an app,” said Mincher.


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