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Adams Ordena, Bus Rider

SBHS student Adams Ordena both likes and dislikes school. He really likes that it socially encourages students to learn and he thinks it provides an educational environment. 

“I like being able to meet new people, that’s the thing we did not have with online school, we didn’t have the actual building to meet new people.” he said. 

He really dislikes about school is the immaturity of some kids and the fact that teachers assign too much work sometimes. 

“Either way you look at it, you’ll never get enough sleep at school,” said Ordena.

Ordena greatest fear is missing out on an opportunity he could have taken. But, he thinks his greatest accomplishment is becoming more bold. If Ordena could change one thing about the world it would be to remove sin.

“But, that’s not my job to do,” he said.

Ordena says it’s been tough riding the bus to school everyday.

“It’s been inconsistent, I wish it was more consistent everyday,” he said. He thinks there are other stops closer to him and his pick up time is 6:30am. He thinks there should be more buses on the route.

The bus service has been erratic.

“Have more buses available, maybe they will be able to be more consistent with the time they pick up their kids,” said Ordena.

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