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Frank Stevenson

Frank Stevenson, Contributor

Frank Stevenson is a 16-year-old sophomore at South Broward High School. Stevenson enjoys the book “Outward Blond.” 

“The book is about a teenage girl that’s very impulsive and reckless, which I find somewhat relatable,” said Stevenson,

“and she improves her life in the end.”

One of Stevenson’s hobbies is to go to the nursing home to visit her grandmother. She grew up in South Florida. Stevenson went to Mexico when she was 11 with her dad.

“It was fun to be with my family ,” said Stevenson.

Some teachers have told her that she was good at writing, so she decided she wanted to try journalism.

“I joined journalism class because I want the opportunity to explore the exciting nature of writing,” said Stevenson.

Stevenson's favorite color is blue, because the color blue is “peaceful” in her eyes. She is also fascinated by snails.

“I like that they are peaceful and calm. I believe they are mistreated by some people that disregard their lives but they remain stoic,” said Stevenson.

Her favorite weekend activity is listening to music. She likes Lana Del Rey and when she needs a good laugh she can always hop over to Pete Davidson. 

To relax she can just go to sleep to escape reality for a little. Stevenson tends to live by the motto “f*** it” the reason behind it is.

“I've kind of just developed it from past experiences and throughout life,” Stevenson said.

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