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Persiah Bruton

Persiah Bruton, contributor


Persiah Bruton is a freshman at SBHS. She is originally from Tallahassee but moved to different places. Bruton has a passion for photography. She finds taking pictures really interesting and relaxing.

“I want to be a photographer, it's been my dream," said Bruton

Most people think that Persiah is a loud crazy  person, but in reality, she's a pretty social and talkative person once you get to know her. Bruton also enjoys to paint and listen to music.

“I love to paint because it passes the time fast and is fun,” said the freshman. “I like painting old and news things honestly."

Some of Bruton's favorite foods are, red beans,rice and chicken . Her favorite thing as a child was to go shopping and arts and crafts. Her favorite movie is The Princess and the Frog.

"It is my favorite movies because it was always the best and very interesting, and it always had me on edge. It was really fun,” said Bruton



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Persiah Bruton
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