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Rubin Obas

Rubin Obas, Contributor

Rubin Obas is a freshman at SBHS, who although he didn’t select journalism as a class, he’s willing to try it out.  He grew up in Hallandale, Florida, in a house jammed packed with seven brothers and sisters. The stability of living in one place allowed him to make a lot of friends, but he has also traveled to a few places including: Bahamas, Texas, Tennessee, and Haiti. 

His favorite book is the anime book,” Tokyo Revengers." He enjoys sports, sleeping, eating, and listening to music. Although his greatest stressors are personal, he says school work causes him anxiety as well. English and math come easy to him, as do sports. His most embarrassing moment was when he tripped on stage in 5th grade in a play in front of the whole school. He cried afterwards. 

Sometimes people mistake him for Caleb from “Stranger Things.” They also think he's a model, which he always considers a compliment.

He doesn’t look up to anyone, instead he lives by the personal motto: "Do your own thing as long as you’re having fun.’’


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Rubin Obas
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