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Skylar Blanca

Skylar Blanca, Contributor

Skylar Blanca, 14, is a 9th grader at South Broward High School who was placed in journalism seeing that all other electives were full. Blanca grew up in Miami and has traveled to the Dominican Republic. She loves food and stuffed animals. Soccer has always come easy for her along with she plays for the pink panthers. One funny story about her is that while she was playing soccer she fell, her friends didn't want to leave her by herself so they all fell with her and everyone started laughing. 

“As my dad always says, kick it hard,” said Blanca.

She says her greatest anxiety is school, because there is a lot of work. She has a lot of pets, likes to go to the beach on the weekend, and anything that can make her laugh. She gets many compliments on her pretty green-blue eyes. She as well doesn't talk to people that much and seems to be more intoverted.

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Skylar Blanca
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