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Valencia Merlien

Valencia Merlien, Contributor

Valencia Merlien, or as people at school call her Val, is a 15-year-old junior at SBHS, who grew up in the Bahamas, but moved here to Florida for better educational opportunities. She's on media because she finds taking pictures really interesting.

“I want to be a photographer, that's why I chose this class,” Merlien said.

Most people think that Merlien is a spontaneous and quiet person, but in reality, she's a pretty social and talkative person when you get to know her. Merlien also likes to read books in her free time.  

“I like to read because it passes the time fast and is fun,” said the junior. “I like interesting things and I found them in books.”   

Some of Merlien's favorite things are dishes, such as macaroni, rice and collard greens. Her favorite thing as a child was a sleeping bag, and her favorite movie is Gran Turismo.

"My favorite movie is Gran Turismo, because when I was in the movies it was all hype, and it always had me on edge. It was really fun,” said Merlien.

Merlien doesn't look up to anyone because she feels that everyone is on the same level.

“If I had to give advice to anyone, I would say that if anyone says something that isn't right or true, ignore them and keep walking forward,” she said. 

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Valencia Merlien
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