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Araceli Funez-Ruiz

Araceli Funez-Ruiz, 14, is a freshman at SBHS. She was born and raised in Hollywood Florida, but her mom is Nicaraguan and her dad is Honduran. From her parents, she learned to speak Spanish fluently.

Funez-Ruiz loves trying new things, especially different foods.

“I could never be a picky eater,” said Funez-Ruiz.

She gets really anxious and stressed being around in front a few people.

“The presence of others gets in my way and makes it hard for me to maneuver around,” said Funez-Ruiz.

Because of their classic sweet aroma, Funez-Ruiz is crazy about all of the Chanel perfumes. Funez-Ruiz's favorite scent is Chanel No.5 perfume

“I love it that the scent catches your nose as soon as I walk through the door,” said Funez-Ruiz.

On the weekends, she enjoys cooking and baking by herself. She also really enjoys watching YouTube videos of other people failing to do everyday activities, like walking or riding a bike.

“It doesn’t bring me happiness, however I do get a good laugh,” she said.

Araceli Funez-Ruiz, Contributor

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Araceli Funez-Ruiz