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Ethan Salazar
Ethan Salazar is a South Broward High School student who grew up in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. . He says that it’s hard to be an online school student.

“The hardest thing about online school is trying to keep up on my assignments, because I get a lot of homework from different teachers and not being able to join a class due to technical difficulties,” said Salazar.

Some of Salazar’s stresses are his family health and protection.

“Some of my stresses are my little siblings injuries and not knowing if my family is safe when I’m not with them,” said Salazar.

One thing about him that most people don’t know about Salazar is that he has asthma and the best compliment he has ever received is about his hair.

Lastly, Salazar has this piece of advice to offer: “Treat others the way you want to be treated,”he said.

It’s a motto he lives by. 

Ethan Salazar, Contributor

Dec 08, 2020
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Ethan Salazar