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Giulliana Perez-Velasco
Giulliana Perez-Velasco is a 9th grader in South Broward High School, who is interested in writing and socializing with her peers. That's why she chose journalism, so she can focus more on her writing and photography. Her passions are writing poems, expressing how she feels on paper. Her hopes and dreams are to become a poet or an author. She hopes in 10 years that she'll be publishing a poem or a book.

Her greatest academic strength is writing but her weakest is math, she struggles with comprehending new formulas and memorizing them.

The types of medias she goes on is social media which are Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

One of her biggest fears are heights and attention from big crowds.  She aspires to get over her anxiousness over having the spotlight.  She considers herself a cat because she doesn't need to depend on anyone.

She enjoys old school music and hype music because it makes her feel alive or puts her in a very good mood. Her favorite movie is see you yesterday because it shows people a good lesson about time.

And if she were to meet three people it would be, Michael Jackson, Tupac, and Biggie Smalls because they were all influential artists. And she would love to visit Zimbabwe, London, and Peru.

Her favorite animal is dinosaurs, stegosaurus to be more exact because they're exotic to her. And if she could have any superpower it would be teleportation because it leads to more opportunities and is more beneficial than cars.


Giulliana Perez-Velasco, Contributor

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Giulliana Perez-Velasco