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John Marin
John Marin is a 15-year-old freshman at South Broward High School and is passionate about learning about different cultures.  Marin is currently in the Gay Straight Association club. (GSA) 

his dream is to travel the world and wants to visit Mountain Roraima in South America and Shinjuku in Japan.  Marin took this class because he thinks it will be interesting to take photographs and interviewing. He also surfs for news on Twitter and Reddit in his spare time. 

Marin’s favorite food is bagels and his favorite movie “9 which is a Drama, and Fantasy movie. He also likes to listen to music is heavy metal, and hip hop while he works on  homework or when he’s chilling. Marin looks up to his sister because she’s the person he can talk to about personal issues. Marin's favorite animal is a Fennec Fox because they're cute and he thinks they are pretty interesting animals.

John Marin, Contributor

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John Marin