A Visit with Santa

One student relays her experience interviewing Santa.

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A Visit with Santa

Samantha Miranda, Contributor

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Every year in Aventura Mall, Santa comes to visit, he goes to make all the kids happy and bring a smile to their face as they take a picture with him and sit on his lap to ask for something special for Christmas. Though being Santa isn’t so easy as many would think it is, the man under the suit faces many challenges throughout his day.


 “My job can be challenging,” said Saint Nicholas, indicating he wanted to keep everything as a big secret for his real identity. 

His job involves a lot of emotion. A good example was one heart-wrenching story  of  a little girl who asked for him to bring her grandfather back to life. Although he had to do the right, he had the hardest time explaining to her that, Santa couldn’t grant her that wish.  It was a painful moment in his career. Santa also told her that, even if her grandfather is gone to remember all the memories they had together, and that he would love on in her memories and heart.

The man under the suit has been doing this for about 5-6 years now at the mall, and he’s also the Santa from Santa’s Enchanted Forest. He finds the job really fun and enjoys it very much.

“I enjoy this very much, I love making kids happy”  his outfit is from California made specifically for his job and he’s even got a real beard. “I’m 356 years old, I don’t look old do I?” he joked.

A side thing he decided to talk about, is that when he is not wearing his  usual outfit, for example when he’s at Santa’s Enchanted Forest, he uses a simple red shirt with overalls and pants cause of the heat which is a nice touch to keep the Santa feeling alive without wearing the original outfit.