Bleed Kits in Broward Schools

A new edition of bleed kits will be added to Broward County Schools soon.

This is a common basic level bleed kit that contains gauze, bandages, scissors and other items as well.

This is a common basic level bleed kit that contains gauze, bandages, scissors and other items as well.

Alexandra Realmuto, Editor

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Book bag? Check. Pencil case? Check. Bleed kit? Hold up, what?

‘Stop the Bleed’ Kits, are emergency kits filled with products to stop hemorrhaging from a gunshot wound. They are small and typically come with gloves, bandages, gauze and other materials that can useful in such an event. These kits were created to prevent deaths from bleeding out from a wound while first responders make their way to the scene.

Ever since last year’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, the actions of the Stop the Bleed campaign have been based on focusing for schools since the increase in school shootings in recent years, and their main priority is to help save people’s lives while law enforcement is on their way.

The kits come with a range of materials inside based off of a basic, intermediate and advanced level. Prices can vary but the ones provided to the schools will be approximately $45.

Over 7,000 teachers have been trained on how to use these kits in Broward County with a $73,000 grant from the Hollywood Fire Rescue to be used for buying more than 1,600 kits.

Bleeding can cause a death in a matter of 5 minutes if not controlled, and 35% of trauma deaths occur before the patient has even gotten to the hospital because of the uncontrolled bleeding on scene.

There is also a Stop the Bleed Campaign that teaches the public how to control bleeding. Their idea is that bystanders will always be in the area before an emergency responder, and that they can do something to help save a life.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas is ahead of other Broward Schools with a kit provided in each classroom, and the school board is working hard to get two kits provided to each school. While each school in Broward currently has one kit, there is a controversy that there should be more; however, many agree that its better to have some kits than none for an emergency situation.

“Two should not be all that we have, but it is a good place to start off with getting these in schools,” said 9th grade student Nicole Newmeyer, “It’s better being safe than sorry and it wouldn’t hurt for people just to train.”