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Fostering Education

Emily Jean, Editor

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Living in a foster home is tough for many children. Adjusting to the new family, new environment, the constant moving and losing close friends along the way is a big struggle, especially for children. If children manage to maintain their grades despite the obstacles thrown in their way, then they deserve to be rewarded with a free college tuition.

Students that are in temporary living conditions may face many financial issues, which can cause a heavy amount of stress to a person. If they’re offered a chance to attend college for free without being in debt, their stress levels may drastically decrease. You don’t see many students living in a foster home being able to maintain a 3.0 GPA, let alone, the ability to attend college. If they manage to maintain such a high GPA, then they deserve to go to college more than a wealthy kid whose parents are eligible to pay for their college, who kids might waste their time partying and letting their parent’s money go down the drain. If their goal is to attend college, then this is there opportunity to attend a college without having to receive a scholarship.

To be able to have college paid off for them, would be an amazing achievement, something they can hold on with them for the rest of their life, something they can be proud of, an accomplishment that they’ve achieved despite the obstacles thrown their way. Many foster kids are unnoticed for their educational accomplishments and, that is something that needs to be changed.

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Emily Jean is a 14-year old freshman at South Broward High School. Emily chose Journalism to learn how to take better pictures. Emily strongest subject...

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Fostering Education