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Chantelle Vazquez
Chantelle Vazquez is the epitome of a stylish, with her bling accessories and trendy clothing. Along with her fashionista abilities, she likes makeup as she feels it is also a form of entertainment. Vazquez is a 15-year-old sophomore student who attends South Broward Highschool. 

Vazquez took journalism class with an expectation of learning more about the world, more about famous celebrities, and how it has an impact on journalism. Not only was this an easy fit course for her, but it followed her interest. 

 In Vazquez's free time, she enjoys listening to rap music because it is such a big genre and lyrics can leave such an impactShe also enjoys being on her phone as it’s a form of entertainment and a way to spend time. While spending time on her phone, she likes to bask into what’s going on with celebrities such as music artists. 

With Vazquez's strongest subjectsher greatest strength takes place in her early childhood class as she has experience with younger children, that being her younger siblings.  Her fun and bright personality allows her to enhance her ability with helping younger children. 

Chantelle Vazquez, Contributor

Mar 20, 2020
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Chantelle Vazquez