Bulldog Bark

SBHS Rock Band Trying to Reach Their “Summit”

Lisyanet Bertot, Contributor

May 15, 2018

Filed under Entertainment, Photo Gallery

All kids dream of being a rock star. And some kids, like three SBHS students, are trying to make it a reality. The Summit is a band that started with just three members from South Broward around two years ago in the fall of 2016....

Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2

May 10, 2018

Meet Kylie Finnegan

Deborah Cayemitte, Writer

March 21, 2018

Filed under Features, Sports

South Broward has a numerous amount of outstanding students. One in particular is Kylie Finnegan. 12th grader Kylie Finnegan, is the captain of the schools softball team. She’s always there to help her team when they need it...

Hola, Hamilton

Hola, Hamilton

February 15, 2018

What Teens Do For Fun

What Teens Do For Fun

November 14, 2017

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