Martina Ibañez

Martina Ibañez

Max Neuberger, Editor

At 29 years old, Martina Ibañez knows the ups and downs of her hometown in La Plata, Argentina.

She’s lived in the same town her whole life. “Everyone knows me here,” Martina says. Her neighbors, co-workers, and shop owners on every street corner she receives with the same warmth as her friends and family.

Argentina’s long standing recession and a recent break up forced Martina to move back in with her mom. She says it’s been nice living back home, especially since at least twice a week her family and friends gather for dinner.

Martina says it serves two purposes: connecting with loved ones and saving money, the latter being more than necessary these days.

“If I could change something about the world, I would start here and fix this recession,” she says. “It makes it difficult for everyone, and almost everyone is poor enough. If I didn’t live with my mother, I wouldn’t have a place to stay.”