Chuck E Cheese Pizza Going Bad

Chuck e cheese pizza being uneven


Chuck e cheese pizza being uneven

Sara Hertzberg, Contributor

Chuck E Cheese is a chain of American entertainment centers and restaurants. It is a place where kids and parents could hang out and play games. There are about 500-600 Chuck E Cheese locations in the world. The first Chuck E Cheese was made in 1977, in San Jose, California. The founder of Chuck E Cheese is Nolan Bushnell, a 76-year-old man that is passionate about engineering, he even went to Stanford University.

    But, their pizza is kind of whack, if you ask other people. “There’s a conspiracy that if somebody at Chuck E Cheese doesn’t finish their whole pizza and there’s like a few pieces left the employee will take that to the back, take those pieces off the tray and form a new pizza with all the other leftovers and then reheat it and serve it to a new customer.” Shane Dawson said in his video “Investigating Conspiracies With Shane Dawson.” He has his video dedicated to a few conspiracies, but this one was the biggest one out of all of them. It is all over Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

“I just went to chuck e cheese for my cousins birthday party and I saw the pictures online of how it looked, and it looks the same. All of the pieces are just different sizes and just not adding up as a regular pizza.” Barbara stated, agreeing with the conspiracy, that they make their pizza with other people’s leftovers.   

Once the Youtuber went to go check it out for himself, and with a few friends, he couldn’t believe his eyes. “I mean, that’s undeniable, that’s crazy,” the Youtuber said.

   There are a lot of critics about the pizza. The people say that the pizza is normal and that they do not use the leftovers. Workers defend their company saying that they make new fresh pizzas every day. But some people think they say that because they want to keep their jobs, making their company look good and even better with their food. Even the news brought the conspiracy up addressing the news and what the company had to say about it.

   Chuck e cheese even had something to say about it on twitter. “No conspiracy here. Our chefs are pizza pros and make each ‘za to order, which means the exact amount of sauce, cheese, and ingredients can vary but the taste doesn’t.” Chuck E. cheese twitter account said, replying to a person asking to explain their pizza.  

Another reply to another person says,

“No sharing here. We make your ‘za to order just for you – so each pizza may look unique, but they’re all tasty.” “no sharing,” meaning no left overs put on the “new” pizza.

    But it does not make sense if it were “fresh dough,” if it were fresh dough and you cut it, it would be normal. In regular pizza shops, they have fresh dough and the cuts do not look like that. They look normal and they look straight. They line up perfectly. In conclusion the pizza should not look liked that. It should look fine.