The Idea of School Uniforms


Skylah Gary, Contributor

A typical school uniform a casual skirt, dickie pants and buttoned up shirt, is it beneficial. Or a big punch in the face limiting personal expression.

Students agree that fashion is a form of self-identity and a way of expressing themselves. They like to dress up and are very specific about what they are comfortable wearing.

Some days i want to dress all girly with a cute dress, and some days I want  to dress chill in my sneakers, jeans, and T-shirt. Wearing a uniform I wouldn’t be able to do that.

For example some girls really don’t like skirts or dresses. The way a person dresses can show some their personality and preferences. Each and every person in this world  is different, and making them dress exactly the same, wouldn’t allow them to express themselves.

Others disagree that school uniforms equalize all students. One of the biggest problems in school is bullying. Children are harassed on a daily bases because someone is not wearing the latest trend. One cause of bullying is from people being different from others or not wearing the right or fancy clothing. If a person looks better it can make other students feel intimidated. It can also make them feel like they are less than and unpopular. If everyone wears uniforms, it wouldn’t single out the less fortunate.

Clothes are expensive.Parents usually spend over $500 dollars on back to school clothes including supplies. Most  kids want name brand clothing which is more expensive, parents could save money and not spend it on new clothes every school year. School uniforms cost less than traditional back to school fashion items.

As a teen of course I want to wear what I want to wear but i also see the struggle parents go through buying expensive clothing. So it’s a hard topic to discuss.