Aliyah Findley


Kayla Lajiness, Contributor

Aliyah Findley, a normal person with an extraordinary mind. A 15 year old freshman who attends Franklin Academy and enjoys kicking the soccer ball out in her backyard with her little brother, Javon Findley. A perfect picture in the mind of hers. Hoping to become a Nurse Practitioner for the inspiration of helping those in need and maybe on the way visiting a memorable City called Dubai for it’s sightseeing attractions.

“You can’t downgrade your dream too fit into your reality. Don’t let society make you think otherwise,” said Findley.

This world is filled with many captivated adventures but it’s also a puzzle. There is many problem’s that occur and one of them Findley is most interested in is discrimination in races. It’s the one thing in the world she would want to change if she had the ability too.

“I believe that everyone should be treated with equality and that people shouldn’t have to worry about being an outcast because of the color of their skin. Where all human beings. We are who we are,” said Findley.