Kenia Quintana

Kenia Quintana

As for many people, adapting to having to wear a mask isn’t easy. Kenia Quintana is learning to cooperate with having to wear a mask and follow strict health guidelines.    

“It’s very hard. I get hot very easily and very quickly,” Quintana said. “It kind of drives me insane.” 

Kenia Caroline Lee-Quintana is an Office Manager and Executive Assistant to the Chairman and CEO at Tobin Properties, Inc. She lives with her husband, two sons, and two dogs, so keeping safe from COVID-19 is very crucial to her.

“It’s not only about myself, but it’s about other people around me,” Quintana said. 

Like in most workplaces, Quintana and other workers are required to wear a mask in the company’s building. However, once inside their personal office, and have the door closed, they may remove them. When expecting a client, she would spray her office and objects with Lysol, and place her mask back on. 

Quintana is very cautious this time around and says she makes sure to sterilize her masks daily. Even though she is cautious about washing and wearing a mask, interaction with other people has become harder.

“In my opinion, it is necessary to see someone’s face when you’re speaking with someone,” Quintana said. “Face expressions say a lot about the point you’re trying to make.”

Not being able to see another person’s full face has troubled her a lot.

“Eventually, you have to get over it and realize…it’s about protection. Protecting yourself and others.” Quintana added.

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