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Amelia Petrello, Editor

Amelia Petrello is a proud sophomore at SBHS, and is in her second year as an editor at The Bulldog Bark. She’s lived in South Florida all of her life and attended the same school up until she joined the proud home of South Broward. Though she did not have the best and full experience her first year due to the pandemic’s limitations, Petrello is pushing to do her best to ensure she makes up for the lost time.

Growing up, she always enjoyed creating her own comics and reading them. In elementary school, her classmates waited daily for her to update them with new stories. But after a while she noticed something.

“I realized I kind of sucked at drawing,” she said. 

So, instead of illustrating, she continued her passion for writing creative stories. Although she was skeptical about her ability to write about current events, she joined journalism in her freshman year. She became inspired to write more after her teacher, Mrs. Mayorga, approved of her talent. 

“Realizing that others liked my writing made writing feel like something even more important, and fun,” Petrello said, “I felt like a new asset to this expressive club.”

Outside of school, Petrello enjoys hanging out with friends, unwinding to music, and watching horror movies or anime. She has a cat, a bunny, and many plants that she takes care of. She loves throwing little parties for her friends and making others happy.  She is also a new and proud member of the Drama Club at SBHS and a continuing member of the JOU/Photography Club. 

“I’m very excited and determined to make this year a great one, and hopefully make some friends,” Petrello said.


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Amelia Petrello
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