The Downside of Online School; a Student’s Perspective


Jake Hart, Contributor

When I think of school I think of of getting up early, going from class to class, and having my backpack with all my stuff. However, on an online school day , I wake-up 10 minutes before class and brush my teeth. I walk back into my room, open my computer and log into my first class of the day at 7:40 a.m. Then, I just stay in my room for the next several hours, leaving my room only to go to the bathroom and get food. 

I would rather have gone back to school. However, I didn’t know about the survey given to students to pick whether they wanted to go in person or stay at home. Now I’m stuck online for the time being.

A plus side of online school is not having to get up at 6:00 a.m. to get ready for class. I don’t like writing with pencil and paper, but online school makes it easier to turn in work electronically. I type fast, so it’s easy for to get my work done faster.

I also prefer being at home because I don’t have to walk around the school. I sit in my comfortable chair  at my desk, and get up whenever. I can take my computer to the table and eat during school.

Even with all of these benefits with staying at home, I still want to go back.

When the entire class has their camera on, it makes my internet lag really badly. I don’t like that online school doesn’t feel like school. I doze off sitting at my desk. I’ll look away for what feels like 30 seconds and when I come back, the class has already covered 30 minutes of instruction time.

I have four siblings that just go off making noise. One of my siblings is 8-years-old, and my two other sisters are 17 and 25. During class, I need to find a quiet space to work in my house.

The main reason I want to go back to school is to see my friends. With online school I can’t see them. 

It would be better for me to go back to school in person rather then staying online for school. Hopefully in the future, they get a vaccine and everyone can go back to school. Most experts say we won’t have a vaccine until mid-2021 (James Gallagher, BBC).

The sooner I get back in school the better it is for me.