Shelly-Ann Parchment on the Vaccine


Joshua Riley, Contributor

Shelly-Ann Parchment, 46, works as an emergency room coordinator at North Shore Medical Center and has been vaccinated. 

The vaccine is still in trial stage, however none of the trials reported serious concerns with civilians safety.

 “The vaccine affected my ability to do daily activities, but it went away after a couple days”, said Parchment.

 After receiving the vaccine, Parchment has been very tired and on the verge of sleeping throughout the day.

“Other than that, I feel fine.” said Parchment 

The vaccines are safe for most people to take. If you are among the 5-10% of people who can’t take the vaccine, due to allergies or other medical conditions you could catch and spread the virus,” said Parchment” They have been rigorously tested for safety before being administered to the United States.

Parchment has been vaccinated and her only problem was fatigue.

The vaccine is available at local hospitals and emergency rooms for healthcare workers and people over the age of 65. It is important that people stay safe especially in these times with a virus in the air.

 “If you can, please get vaccinated as soon as possible.”said Parchment