Asian Hate Needs to Stop


Anais Campbell, Contributor

Stop Asian Hate, SAH, has been a popular hashtag going around on social media platforms that is aiming to spread awareness about Asians being beaten, killed, sexually assaulted, and treated poorly across America.

Lissette Smart, a 16 year-old freshman at Avant Garde Academy, believes this is a huge problem that, unfortunately, no one is attempting to stop.

“Asians and all POC are being picked out and targeted and it’s not fair. Everyday you feel as if there’s a target on your back,” said Smart. 

However, these attacks are getting worse. Robert Aaron Long shot at three Asian owned spa’s killing  eight Asian women inside. Just last week, two women were attacked on the streets of New York by a man wielding a hammer.

“This all came to be when Americans started blaming China for the virus. No one should ever be treated this way… it’s very wrong and it needs to stop.”

There are many situations like this daily, they just aren’t caught on camera. 

“It really makes me sick to my stomach. How could someone intentionally hurt someone else just because they are another ethnicity,” said Smart.