The Pandemic Prom


Isabel Gleeson, senior, is trying on the perfect dress for the perfect day

Dakota Chesser, Editor

The end of the school year is almost here, this means prom is coming up.  Covid cancelled many things last year including prom and schoolHowever, now school is back in session and so the tradition will continue for the Seniors to have their prom.  The question, is how will prom be with Covid still causing a ruckus and what will they be able to do?   

Let’s start out by what is prom?  Prom is short for promenade, the formal, introductory parading of guests at a party.  It originated in the mid- to late 1800s at colleges and universities in the Northeast to promote social etiquette and manners in each year’s graduating class.  Prom is a rite of passage making the end of your Senior year an exciting end to high school.   

Isabel Gleeson, a senior at South Broward High School, is attending Prom 2021. She was asked how many people she’s attending with. “With Covid, we are only allowed to hang out in groups of 8, I will be attending with my friends.”  

 “I was really excited to find out we were having a prom this year. When Covid hit last year and this school year started, I was afraid there weren’t going to be many school activities, however I am glad there were!” said Gleeson. 

Ms. Lehman, the Social Science teacher at South Broward, is in charge of coordinating the prom for the seniors. She was asked how prom will be different this year compared to previous years. “We are only able to have a limited number of seniors and it’s upsetting because not everyone will be allowed to attend.” Said Lehman.  

“We are able to host the prom this year due to the fact there is more information regarding the virus this year versus last year. Last year there wasn’t enough time or information available to make arrangements to protect us from the virus,” said Lehman. 

Noa Cheasel is a senior and the cheer captain at South Broward. She was asked if she is going with anyone to prom. She said she is planning on attending with her friends. 

“When I found out prom was happening this year, I asked some of my friends if they wanted to attend prom and the consensus was, we all wanted to go and enjoy the end of our senior year together. It’s our last year and we should be able to live freely for one night.” said Cheasel. 

The seniors are excited that the tradition of prom is continuing this year and looking forward to the last dance of their senior year.