Mr. Winburn Wins AP of the Year for 2023


Chloe Hutton Perez, Contributor

Back in October, SBHS Assistant Principal Mr. Timothy Winburn received a notice that he had been nominated for BCPS AP of the year. Although Winburn had been nominated numerous times before, he had never made it past the first few rounds of selection to become a finalist. But, this year would prove to be different.

In November, Winburn received an email confirming he was one of six semifinalists. After he was interviewed by a panel of 16 BCPS representatives, he then got an email announcing he was one of three finalists.

“I didn’t know I would win,” said Winburn. “But, I knew it was down to the three of us, so there was at least a 33% chance I could win.”

Finally, after working as an assistant principal for 18 years, 10 of them at SBHS, Winburn finally got his due. On February 3rd, with more than 2,300 people gathered at the DVR PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, on a stage crowded with nominees, Winburn was awarded Assistant Principal of the Year for 2022- 2023 at the 6th Annual Caliber Awards.

He beat out two other nominees for AP of the year, Ms. Hend Hafez from Mirror Lake Elementary School and Mr. Shadrack Henry from Everglades High School.

SBHS was well represented that night, with two other finalists: Mrs. Patricia Brown for Principal of the Year and Mr. Otto Rodriguez For Teacher of the Year.

“Even just being nominated was such an honor,” said Winburn. “I love representing South Broward.”

He received a $2,500 dollar check from Bright Star Credit Union and two JetBlue plane tickets which he appreciated, but may not use due to the fact that he has a fear of flying.

“Yeah, I also won two JetBlue tickets, but I am terrified to fly and everyone at school is making fun of me,” he said.