SBHS Students Share Their Views on Gun Violence

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SBHS Students Share Their Views on Gun Violence

Since the Columbine massacre in 1999 which left hundreds of family members, friends, and communities behind, the Washington Post states that at least 185 children and teachers have been killed by gun violence at American schools since then. 

The costs of school shootings for the direct victims and their loved ones are unimaginable. And an increasing body of research shows that the death toll captures only one part of the long lasting impact that gun violence causes throughout our society.

According to CNN, the United States leads the most school shootings from 2009 – 2018 by 280 more shootings compared to the second place (Mexico). Shooting are getting common in this country and nothing is being done about it.


Student Demand Action, a group that was made to raise awareness about gun safety, organized a student walkout in South Broward that was intended to express their rage over the lack of gun rights. 

Student V.M joined the walk out, here is what she had to say about all of this.

“To be honest I walked out of school because my whole biology class was, I also did it because things like this affect me and I want them to stop,” said V.M.


V.M also remembers being in 7th grade when the school called a real code red.

“I was in 7th grade when my school went on lockdown, there were many cop cars but at the end it just ended up being a student who brought a big knife,” said V.M.


Gun’s definitely should be regulated somewhat, it is the main cause of these shootings. V.M had something to say about gun rights.

“Obviously I don’t like how guns are legal but money is the cause of all problems. The only reason why guns are not banned is because of how much they help the economy, I think they should definitely do something serious about them,” said V.M.


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