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Anabella Hernandez

Anabella Hernandez, photographer

Anabella Hernandez is a 16-year-old sophomore who joined visual tech because of her interest in photography and media. She believes this class will help her in her dream of pursuing photography. 

“Photography has always been something I really like and I think I could have a lot of fun in pursuing the career of a photographer,” said the sophomore.

Sometimes going by Ana, she prefers to keep things organized unlike some of her friends. 

Her favorite movie is the greatest showman because of the “action, uniqueness, music, and drama.” 

Most people wouldn’t know that Anabella is a natural brunette because she has dyed her hair red, blue, and blond.

Along with photography, Anabella enjoys sketching and editing in her free time. She has a close relationship with her sister who she sells bracelets with.

Anabella also loves manga because it’s “art that is easy to comprehend and shows more emotions that many other types of art.”

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Anabella Hernandez
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