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Benjamin Soren

Benjamin Soren, Editor

Benjamin Soren  


   Benjamin Soren, 14, attends SBHS Journalism class. 

Soren joined journalism because it was the most interesting to him out of all the offered electives at the highschool.

“Journalism seems more important than the other electives given,” said Soren 

Soren grew up in Hollywood, and says the stability of living in one place gave him a better sense of home and a devotion to his home town.

  Soren likes all kinds  of music except country. His favorites include “No Country For Old Men”, “Inglorious Bastards”, and “Alice in Wonderland”( Original Animated Version ).  

I am passionate about arts, song, dance, literature, movies, etcetera.” 


Some of Soren’s hobbies include playing various instruments (guitar, ukulele, piano), reading, playing video games, and watching television. 

Soren’s greatest stresses includes all forms of schoolwork and his job. Not having enough time causes him anxiety, and he believes it is important to balance your schoolwork with life. (He is also involved in DND and plans to join the club here at SBHS.) 

“Too much of anything is bad,” said Soren. 

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Benjamin Soren
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