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Christian Iglesias

Christian Iglesias, Contributor

Christian Iglesias, who goes by Chris, is a 16 year old Junior who attends South Broward Highschool. He was just randomly put in Journalism, but he doesn’t really mind.

Iglesias grew up in California and moved to Florida at the age of five and that change didn't affect him since he was so young. Iglesias doesn’t travel much but he has been to Cuba to see his other family members.

School is his greatest stress, mostly because of the workload and having to maintain good grades. The hardest thing about being a student for him is showing up.

He doesn’t get the point of waking up early everyday and going to school. That's why his favorite weekend activity is to sleep.

Iglesias' favourite dish is pizza, but most people don't know that he has been trying to lose weight. He’s quiet and keeps to himself.

Some advice he wanted to offer people was, “Just mind your business and you will be fine."

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Christian Iglesias
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