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Angie Jaramillo

Angie Jaramillo, Editor

A junior in South Broward, Angie Jaramillo is preparing for their final years in high school. 16-years-old, Jaramillo doesn't feel any different about their second to last year in SBHS. High school was a piece of cake for Jaramillo, and they feel that high school is portrayed inaccurately in movies and films.

They've been in journalism for three years, and don't regret any bit of it. Jaramillo is very grateful for the new opportunities journalism offered to them.

" Taking journalism as an elective was 100% worth it," said Jaramillo. " I can get very passionate about writing current and exciting articles, especially when I am interviewing new and interesting people."

Jaramillo finds comfort in watching old movies and shows and laying in bed with their dogs and cat. Their favorite movies and shows are Superbad, The Waiting, and Bread Barbershop. They own two dogs, Jax and Poki, and one cat, Berlioz.

One piece of advice Jaramillo has for everyone, is to take the bad news with calmness and a positive mindset, the outcome will be better than you would expect.


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Angie Jaramillo
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