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Dasha Lee

Dasha Lee, Editor

Dasha Lee, 16, is a junior at South Broward High School. Her nickname is Dash, which is what all her friends call her. Lee grew up in South Florida and knows all of the cool spots around Broward County.

 “A really cool place is the White Walls which are on the inter coastal," says Lee.

Lee has a cat named Sage who has two different colored eyes. Her favorite things to do on the weekends are hanging out with her friends, playing Minecraft, and watching Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda. 

“Ive never really been into plays, but Hamilton is an exception,” says Lee.

She considers herself very well traveled. Lee has been to Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, and all over the US including places like New York and California.

Her greatest passion is ice skating, which she did professionally for over 10 years. Due to Covid-19, she had to stop, but she hopes to pick it up again.

“I have been ice skating for 11 years and it’s my favorite thing in the world,” says Lee. 

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Dasha Lee
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