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Dylan Montesi

Dylan Montesi, Contributer

Dylan Montesi is a 16-year-old junior at South Broward High School. He started journalism freshman year with yearbook and continued it in his junior year because he likes the freedom and the ability to express yourself. Montesi’s favorite subject is History and his weakest is math. Montesi is from Hollywood, Florida just like his mother. His father is also from the United States but was born in Japan and grew up in Nassau, Bahamas.  

In his free time, Montesi likes to skateboard and go to the beach with his friends. He likes to watch movies, his favorite being Pulp Fiction, and play video games. Montesi’s favorite genre of music is rap but he also likes rock. His favorite artist are A$AP Rocky, Tyler The Creator, and Kendrick Lamar. 

If Montesi could improve anything about himself it would be his laziness. If he were to be anyone for a day it would be Elon Musk because he has very interesting professions and he seems chill. If Montesi would to have a superpower it would be mind reading.  

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Dylan Montesi
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