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Fiona Gleeson

Fiona Gleeson, Contributor

Fiona Gleeson, a freshman at South Broward High School, loves to travel and see the world with her family. That comes with plenty of stories about her adventures that she enjoys sharing with her friends and family. She loves to help her community and give back whenever she can. often she goes to the beach clean ups

In her spare time, she loves to watch YouTube videos of David Dobrik and to hang out with her friends at the beach, her home away from home. She clearly states that, "loves the scenery that the beach brings, the waves crashing against the shore brings her excitement".

Gleeson, is a kind and fun person to be aroundshe’ll make you laugh even at the worst times. Even with such a busy schedule, she still has time to be on top of her work and gets good grades.  

Gleeson, also wants to be nurse when she grows up to help and be involved in other people's lives. She took this class to get an exciting look into journalism and really understand news reports and how it can really impact people 

Her strongest subject is math, because she likethe challenges in complex problems. What she doesn’t like is English, because she doesn’t find it interesting and sometimes has trouble, Fiona claims,  "English can get hard but like everything else in life you just need to keep going and trying to understand."

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Fiona Gleeson
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