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Fredrick Prinze Ortiz

Fredrick Prinze Ortiz, Contributor

Fredrick Prinze Ortiz, 15-year-old, is a second-year Bulldog Bark Staff member in Mrs. Mayoraga's journalism class. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Prinze moved to Florida two years ago.

He shares his name with the famous Puerto Rican Actor Freddie James Prinze. 

“People usually call me Fredy, weird isn’t it,” said Ortiz. 

Ortiz’s favorite rapper is Easy E and his favorite movie is Pulp Fiction. “I highly recommend it,” said Ortiz.

 When alone, Ortiz’s favorite thing to do is write poetry and songs. The hardest thing about being a student for Ortiz is doing homework.

His strongest subject is English Language Arts, while his weakest is mathematics. Even so, Ortiz still tries to do his best in all subjects he takes. 

Ortiz dislikes the thought of being alone and enjoys deep talks with his friends. “I may look intimidating but I’m really not,” said Ortiz.

He is very talkative when you get to know him. He looks up to his mother’s humbleness and his dad’s drive to get stuff done.

“You can’t control life but learn to roll with it,” said Ortiz

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Fredrick Prinze Ortiz
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