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Gabriel Valladares

Gabriel Valladares, Special Reporter

Gabriel Valladares is a 15-year-old sophomore at South Broward High School who enjoys listening to new music at home while trying to improve his health with weight lifting and cardio. As a kid Valladares could always be found trying to find fun with his brothers at the local park. On any given evening, right before dinner, you can find Valladares  trying to improve his ability to play the chords of Dio and DiamondHead on his sunburst Fender. It's his second year as a staff writer for the Bulldog Bark.

Valladares decided to take journalism again because he loves covering sports. He tries to make the most out of any story that he can by observing as much as possible.

Overall, Valladares likes to live a life of trying to be a good influence on others whenever possible. "If you can, try to go out of your way to improve the life oft others because it inspires them to be good influences too.", said Valladares.


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Gabriel Valladares
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